New Life English Song Lyrics | Nathan Brumley

Bollywood English song New Life lyrics is written by lyricist Nathan Brumley and music is composed by Kryso (Santosh Panchal) and Unika. This English song is sung by Pop musical artist Nathan Brumley. Nitika Lohiya and Kryso performed as the star cast in 'New Life' video song.

Song Detail and credits

  • Singer: Nathan Brumley
  • Music: Kryso and Unika
  • Lyricist: Nathan Brumley
  • Mixing Mastering: Santosh Panchal
  • Director: Hashtag Studio (Aman Gujral)
  • Label: Zee Music Company

New Life Lyrics

All these emotions
you try to ignore them..

Put your days are crazy now
In the commotion..

Lose your focus
you are lost inside the crowd..

You go back,
to the past,
when things were,
better for you..

Life goes fast,
you get one chance,
so break these habits..

Start New..

Go to start a new life,
new life now..   (3x)

Go to start a,, new life..

Oh..oh..oh.. (6x)

You need direction
feel no affection.
Your world is upside down..

Try to escape it
you can't get away from
all that pulls you down..

You go back,
to the past,
things were better for you..

Love goes fast,
get one chance,
so break this habits..

Start New...

Go to start a new life,
new life now  (3x)

Go to start a newlife

Oh..oh..oh.. (6x)


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